Tips for successful blind dates

Avoiding red flags

One of the best ways to have a successful blind date is to avoid common red flags. One of the biggest red flags to avoid is rudeness. If you are rude to a server, you are sending out a negative message that will influence your date’s perception of you. Your date will likely think you are rude and may end up leaving you home.

If you are rude to other people, it will reflect on your dates as well. You should also avoid people who do not respect your preferences and boundaries. It’s not worth the risk of getting burned by someone who does not respect your boundaries. Also, make sure you don’t make any commitments before dessert.

Arriving early

Arriving early for a blind date is key to having a successful experience. It allows you to secure a table and get your coffee first, which helps you avoid awkward small talk or awkward who’s-paying awkwardness. You will also have more time to scope out the guy when he arrives.

The time of day and venue you’ll be meeting your date will affect how early you need to arrive. Check the traffic and plan your journey ahead of time to ensure that you don’t hit any traffic jams. Have your cell phone with you so you can contact your date if something goes wrong. Depending on where you are meeting your date, you’ll need to dress appropriately for the location. Avoid dressing too formally. Typically, a coffee date is short and non-committal.

Dressing smartly

If you’re nervous about going on a blind date, you may feel unsure of what to wear. You don’t want to be overly dressy, and you don’t want to come across as too casual. So how do you strike a balance between being stylish and comfortable? The first rule of dressing for a blind date is to dress comfortably, but smartly.

Avoid uncomfortable clothes and shoes. High-heeled shoes are not comfortable to wear and can cause you to teeter and wobble. Rather, opt for comfortable, low-back dresses. For women, wedge or kitten heels are appropriate. Also, avoid tights that ride up or wrinkle around the ankle. The last thing you want is to look like you’re constantly adjusting your tights. You’ll also want to look presentable and clean. Ironing any clothes will help eliminate wrinkles.

When dressing for a blind date, remember to portray your personality. It is said that we make a judgment of someone’s character within 60 seconds, so it’s important to convey a positive vibe.

Avoiding asking about his past

If you’re on a blind date, try to avoid asking too much about your date’s past. This way, you’ll be less likely to offend him or make him feel uncomfortable. You should also be honest about how well you know your date. Avoid criticizing or saying nasty things about your ex, as this may suggest you still like them, which could lead to disaster. Religion and politics are also bad topics for a blind date, as they tend to arouse strong feelings that could cause serious friction. Instead, be gentle in your view of the person, and avoid talking about your own religion or politics.

While it’s a normal reaction, it’s important to remember that many people get rejected by blind dates. If you’ve been turned down a lot, you may develop bad habits that can hinder your dating life. This is especially true if you’re a first-timer.